We are happy to receive nominations from institutions throughout Europe – all those who have an interest in Science Diplomacy and a candidate to recommend and sponsor!

To submit a nomination, please carefully read the information below and send the completed form by 31 March 2020.

Nominating a candidate trainee for the Warsaw Science Diplomacy School places the person in good standing during the competitive application process, which the candidate must still follow (open 1-31 March 2020, see the application here).

Nominations are accepted from institutions who may profit from the development of science diplomacy skills and knowledge in their affiliates. Candidates from a broad range of backgrounds are desired, and nominees may include, but are not limited to: representatives of governmental bodies, academia, civil society, industries, businesses or social partner. Upon submitting a nomination, institutions must indicate their intent to sponsor their candidate financially, which includes travel to and from Warsaw and accommodation for the week of 22-26 June 2020. Luncheons and tuition costs for the training program are covered directly by InsSciDE from its Horizon 2020 European grant.

InsSciDE researchers will reach out to nominating institutions to consult you on your science diplomacy experience and needs, in order to improve our training curriculum and provide an invitation to our Open Conferences planned for 2020 (Berlin) and 2021 (Lisbon).

Please contact us to discuss specifics regarding sponsorship costs and to elaborate on the synergies and outcomes we envision with your institution’s partnership.