Warsaw Science Diplomacy School 2021

Warsaw Science Diplomacy School 2021






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Warsaw Science Diplomacy School 2021

Online | 21 – 25 June 2021


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InsSciDEInventing a shared Science Diplomacy for Europe – presents an innovative training program for the present and future science diplomats of Europe. Warsaw Science Diplomacy School, co-organized by our partner the European Academy of Diplomacy, is a one-week intensive course with competitive enrolment. It will immerse trainees in historical case studies of science diplomacy and its practitioners, to develop policy and strategic outcomes.

Read about the successful first edition of the WSDS, held online in June 2020!

From Wissenschaft to Statecraft


In true spirit of the InsSciDE project and with a ‘flipped learning’ approach, the training combines historical case studies with insights into strategy building and power politics to explore the complex interface between science and diplomacy. The program is infused with frequent interdisciplinary debate and connects the experiences of students to the lessons, evoking an immersive experience and multifaceted comprehension of science diplomacy.

These themes, imparted through a varied regimen of presentations, panels, discussions and hands-on exercises, allows trainees to develop skills and navigate practices central to effective science diplomacy in the context of today’s challenges and geopolitics.


Learn about this year’s WSDS case studies here.

Unexpectedly transformed into an online course due to Covid-19, the first edition of WSDS in June 2020 proved it is possible to learn, network and enjoy a science diplomacy course in an entirely virtual format.

Visit the WSDS 2020 review page on our website to learn what it was like! Several alumni continued working together and with InsSciDE, co-writing about their experience, joining events and even making a podcast.

This year as we do it again, the alumni of WSDS 2020 are in the background, lending their support and advice to ensure that the second edition is even better.

The research and science landscape is constantly changing. WSDS21 is one of the most comprehensive opportunities for a professional to step out of the daily routine and take a bird’s eye view at these fast-paced processes. – Zane Šime, Social Science Researcher, WSDS alumna

The training program is suitable for professionals or students (master’s, PhD, post-doc) with a dedicated interest in developing their science diplomacy skills and knowledge, and an enthusiasm for contributing to a diverse network of science diplomats.

A crown jewel of our program is its diverse and interdisciplinary atmosphere. We welcome applicants of varying experience levels and various professional and academic backgrounds, including but not limited to science diplomacy, science policy, international relations, natural and social sciences, technology and innovation, civil service, law, business, and social partners.

All nationalities are invited to apply but please note that some content will focus on Europe and that the days are scheduled between mid-morning and afternoon in Central European Summer Time (UTC +2).

Interested candidates should also note that the week-long course will require preparatory study of certain project material and active participation in analytical exercises and interactive workshops.



Requested material will include an analytical essay, statement of motivation, and Curriculum Vitae. You may begin filling out your application and return to continue and submit it at a later time. For questions requiring longer responses, we suggest writing the answer in a separate document and pasting it in the text when complete. Please pay attention to the character limits.

Important notes:

  • We will not able to provide university credit for this edition of our summer school;

  • Candidates who are nominated (see below) must also apply through the general application;

  • A nomination is not a requirement but is encouraged;

  • Participation requires access to a computer and a reliable internet connection;

  • Costs for the training program are covered by InsSciDE from its Horizon 2020 European grant no. 770523.



Do you belong to an institution curious about science diplomacy or eager to get involved? Do you know the perfect candidate for the WSDS? Nominate an excellent candidate to represent your field or institution at WSDS!

WSDS welcomes nominations from institutions, organizations, or official associations across domains – including natural and social sciences, engineering, diplomacy, government, and business. Nominating a candidate increases their chances of admission and can introduce (or strengthen) connection between the nominating institution and the EU science diplomacy community.

How to nominate a candidate: Contact us directly stating who you would like to nominate for the training, why they would be a valuable addition to the cohort, and briefly share any science diplomacy needs or experiences of the institution you represent.


If you are a candidate who would like to support your application with a nomination, we recommend contacting institutions with whom you are affiliated that are involved or may benefit from becoming involved in the science diplomacy ecosphere. These may include your working institution, ministry of foreign affairs, an alumni association, or other representative agency.






This project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 770523.